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Wakaliwood's Supa Store is now open!

Posters, DVDs, T-shirts, and more!
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Thank you to all our Supa Fans around the world!
This has been an incredible year for us, and we hope the best for everyone.

- Nabwana IGG and Wakaliwood, Uganda

  • Grant Klenske on

    Hey! I’m a big fan of yours! I’ve seen Who Killed Captain Alex a few times and absolutely love it! Great work! I hope to one day go to Uganda as I have always wanted to go there! I have never bought your films but I would gladly buy a copy or two to make up for the times I’ve pirated the movie.

  • ron jeremy on

    i would like to see your movies is a cinema
    suppa mafia, rapid gun fire action pack movie

  • Supa Kicker on

    I will buy your cool stuff in 3-6 year I m to young to buy thing form website.

  • Lee Alan Williams on
    I really admire your work. So I bought a couple t-shirts for x-mas presents. I hope I don’t get kicked out of the family for that. I’d like to see more Wakaliwood movies, so please make them available to U.S. people. One more thing; Please tell me who killed Captain Alex!
  • Tina on

    I love all the heart you put into making the movie, I really would like a tee shirt with uganda on it so I can get the word around. I hope you become a big shot director and get all the money you need to make movies!

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