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Wakaliwood's Supa Store is now open!

Posters, DVDs, T-shirts, and more!
We'll be adding items all the time, so check back soon or sign up for our Newsletter.

Thank you to all our Supa Fans around the world!
This has been an incredible year for us, and we hope the best for everyone.

- Nabwana IGG and Wakaliwood, Uganda

  • Tina on

    I love all the heart you put into making the movie, I really would like a tee shirt with uganda on it so I can get the word around. I hope you become a big shot director and get all the money you need to make movies!

  • suezean matarazzo on

    You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work, keep making films. You’ve got a growing fan base here in America.

  • DickDastardly on

    I love your work, all of you! I can’t wait for EBOLA HUNTER merchandise!

  • Sean Hatcher on

    Hey guys! My wife and I just finished the IHE review of Who Killed Captain Alex and we thought it was supa awesome! It’s honestly refreshing to see a labor of love like this become successful. I’ll be picking up a copy and showing it to my friends. Keep doing what you’re doing! We’d love to see some of your other movies become available in the store!

  • Sam on

    Hello! I absolutely loved Who Killed Captain Alex and would really like to order an ‘I Killed Captain Alex’ shirt from this store, but South Africa is not on the country list! Please help, it would be amazing to support you guys.

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